Brain Pathology: Agnosia, Apraxia

Introduction. The higher cortical functions are one of the most exciting chapters of neurology. Functions such as language, perception, body schema organization and others have been widely studied. One of the features of higher cortical functions is that they are voluntary and intentional acts, a product of a complex activity, which may be simple such […]

Internal Affairs

Previously, teachers were in favor if the student goes to 10 class, but for now just do not take, if there is no assurance that the student will write a passing score on the cse, so that graduates eleventh grades dropped at least 3 or more times, and in some schools and at all these […]

American English

For example, instead of the end-our (honour, labour, favour, colour) in British English, appears the end-or (honor, labor, favor, color), instead of-re (litre, theatre) –er (liter, theater), instead of the-ce (licence) –se (License), instead of-s-(organization) –z-(organization), instead of-ll-(cancelling) –l-(canceling). Also in American English, there are no end-me and-ue (monologue – monolog, programme – program). Thanks […]

Federal University

This was my monograph presented to the Cuso de Biological Cincias in the Federal University of the Piau – Campus Senator Helvdio Nunes de Barros in the city of Piau Peaks. SUMMARY This work had as objective generality the verification of the main problems and difficulty in the education of Sciences and Biology in the […]

Enterprising Merchants

Treasures of the Scythians or fake Olviyskie spring 1896 in Vienna, came to Odessa antiquities dealer Sh Gokhman, and suggested that the imperial court to the museum to get things happening allegedly discovered by accident in Olbia treasure. The most valuable thing of was brought Gohmanom eolotaya tiara with the words. Even earlier, an enterprising […]

Property Potential Enterprises

The property is characterized by the potential, the composition and condition of assets (primarily long-term), which owns and manages a commercial organization to achieve its goal. Property potential general form can be understood as a set of enterprises under its control. Analysis of the potential of the property begins with an overall assessment of the […]