Languages In Danger !

Today we perceive language as a matter of course. All we own one, and some two or three languages. All we are studying popular foreign languages, trying to get them perfect. Millions of people around us as those languages are spoken. But imagine what would happen if only you the same language you would speak […]

Enterprising Merchants

Treasures of the Scythians or fake Olviyskie spring 1896 in Vienna, came to Odessa antiquities dealer Sh Gokhman, and suggested that the imperial court to the museum to get things happening allegedly discovered by accident in Olbia treasure. The most valuable thing of was brought Gohmanom eolotaya tiara with the words. Even earlier, an enterprising […]

Property Potential Enterprises

The property is characterized by the potential, the composition and condition of assets (primarily long-term), which owns and manages a commercial organization to achieve its goal. Property potential general form can be understood as a set of enterprises under its control. Analysis of the potential of the property begins with an overall assessment of the […]