Commercial Real Estate In Bulgaria

Commercial real estate in Bulgaria and especially the business turnover in this review I will focus primarily on real estate in Bulgaria, and at the same time will address some of the other countries: Spain, Cyprus, Croatia and Montenegro. For convenience, review will be built in the form of frequently asked questions and our answers […]

Buying An Apartment. Base Of Real Estate Agencies

Prices of flats – a very discussed topic at all times. The dynamics of housing prices is one of the most frequently asked questions. Do you know how a money order or other property? So what you give money? Prices for apartments in the newly built houses are usually much smaller than the secondary market. […]

Kirov Real Estate Photo Exhibition

From 25 to 27 October in the Regional Exhibition Center "Vyatka-Expo", which in Surikov, 19, was II Exhibition "REAL ESTATE Kirov." The event of this level takes place in our city is not the first time and, as noted organizers, its main objectives are above all: to attract investment in the construction of residential real […]

Privatize Apartments

Experts in the privatization of apartments are ready to take over the collection and filing for registration of your future property – flats! Our lawyers have extensive experience in privatization as had been in care privatization of the vast number of apartments of our fellow citizens! Because with the urgency of the services of the […]

Mortgages Today

Recently, the demand for real estate has intensified, gradually increasing the number of sales transactions, however, experience shows that such an excessive demand is difficult to call. After the first signs of the crisis and stabilize the market as a result of a gradual increase in demand, the majority of the roaring real estate felt […]

Property In Greece

The process of buying buying process you liked the real estate in Greece, no brainer! Especially if you rely on all professional agencies Greko Paradise Real Estate, which has long been uses the services of Greek lawyers who specialize in the field of legal purity of real estate transactions and have extensive experience protecting the […]

Property In France

Why we are putting up for sale apartments in Paris is a 16 block? The answer is very simple. From our experience this quarter, like the Russian immigrants in France. The main reasons for this: a lot of places you can turn (Wide streets, many parks, there is a chance to park the car, etc.). […]

House Building

m, the mortgage and building equity will be available. But this raises the problem of growth rates. In such circumstances, the builders will never reach the desired minimum cost of housing. It is a vicious circle. For more specific information, check out Robert J. Shiller. What can builders and developers in these circumstances? To find […]

Property and Income

" According to experts, there emerged a whole bunch of reasons. The first and most obvious: the general rise in prices in general at all. The hosts explained their increased appetites simple: life is expensive, prices go up at all. Another thing is fall, due to the rupture of selling prices of apartments and stop […]

Property Selling Tips

Now, according to Finnish law, everyone, including citizens of other countries, has the right to own real estate in Finland. Effective and predictable legal system of Finland is equally guaranteed property rights as indigenous citizens of Finland and foreign property owners, ie Your right to buy or sell real estate is governed by the same […]