The Interior

It is also necessary leave a small gap between the strip and accessories so she was able to move freely but horizontally. Siding can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For if the material is horizontal, that in no case can put it vertically, and vice versa. Breathes there a house covered with siding? Of course, due to ventilation through the perforations. In addition, properly executed installation of panels and accessories provides high-quality ventilation walls of the house, not missing at the same water. Taking this when installing the siding at the same time you can insulate the house. Wall tied up vapor barrier material into the frame sheathing is installed insulation, and then – a layer of waterproofing material. And only then Tabs siding.

Thus, the house is insulated from the outside, the area of the interior has not diminished. Siding protects the building from adverse natural influences (particularly from moisture and the formation of fungus) and also used as decoration. Vinyl siding is widely used in housing construction – from the lodges and finishing with high-rise buildings. It is important that it can be mounted on the wall of any type, plaster, wood, concrete, masonry. Because of this and the old shabby buildings reconstructed quickly and cheaply, finding your style. Industrial sites and buildings in need of enhanced protection against fire and hostile environments (eg, gas stations, car washes, etc.), it is best to trim metal siding. Problem of choosing the parameters different brands of quality vinyl siding on the Russian market, are presented in Table 3.

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