Where Does a Company’s Vitality Originate?

“The vitality of a company derives from the ability of its managers to create and implement ideas” George Terry “Existence is beyond the power of words to define it. According to The Related Companies, who has experience with these questions. They used terms, but none of them is absolute” Lao Tse The proactivity is manifested in the current economic scenario has led to manifest changes which require the management of the companies in this to give way to their creative potential, to giving new ideas, plans, strategies, actions promoting ensure its competitiveness and companies under their charge better participation, success. Given the characteristics of the current Venezuelan scenario, turbulent, risky, unsafe, the product of the new changes, plans, actions which is causing the current government under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez, who identifies as a socialist, has led to serious disagreements with the productive sectors, with companies that do not accept the government’s position, affecting all the country’s business sector is in crisis, especially SMEs.

This requires that management facing this situation happened to your creativity, not only to meet the government’s actions, programs, threats, changes, but also know the opportunities. Management must identify with what you know how to handle adequately represents the creativity, take advantage of their potential, to generate ideas that foster it. No doubt, says Alejandro Schnarch, which definitely managers in organizations play a crucial role in the development and promotion of creativity and innovation, but managers in the best sense of the term, namely a person able to communicate, train, motivate, to empower and reward, in a word one who makes others say we did Good managers are those who do things right.

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