Agricultural Administration In Brazil

To emphasize its relevance for the increase of productivity and the competitiveness of the diverse types of properties in Brazil, since the small one until the great country property. Something necessary for the survival them companies in a globalizado and tecnificado market. Involving all agricultural, public and private sectors producing. Word-key: Productivity, administration, companies and market. INTRODUCTION Brazil has a great agrarian tradition that the beginning appeared me of its settling and if it extends per centuries until the current days. Its economy was constructed from cultures as the sugar cane-of-sugar, coffee, soy, citros among others.

Agricultural species that take care of the national domestic market and the external market. The dynamics of the transformations of the farming activities and the too much tied actions it has demanded of the sectors public and private the continuous perfectioning of analysis instruments to guide its decisions, mainly in what she says respect to the planning of public politics that they aim at to the attainment of the alimentary security guard, to the generation of job and income and to the local development in sustainable and equitable bases (Guilhoto, Joaquin, 2005). According to Idalberto Chiavenato, 2000, the Administration is essential for the existence, survival and success of the organizations. Without the Administration, the organizations never would have conditions to exist and to grow. A country property must be considered as the one company capable to produce goods and services. The agricultural company has that to be productive to generate profit, despite withholds proper characteristics as dependence of climatic and biological factors. The farming products are perishable and depend on the climatic, fitossanitrias conditions and of fertility of the ground. The agricultural producer must develop abilities and abilities directed to the functioning of the market. It needs to have full knowledge since the plantation until the storage and the commercialization of products farming.

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