Apartment Renovation Drywall

How to choose the right material for the finish? Two main material of the provisional walls and ceilings: drywall, or dry mixes, in particular plaster. What happens to the "issue price" of course the choice of dry mixes for this stage is huge, and the quality and price, and value of working with dry mixtures below the cost of works on drywall, especially when it comes to multi-level designs. By passing this side, there are other pitfalls Provided that you planned to normal. Overhaul of the apartment you should definitely opt for plaster, in this case, it has a number of advantages. First minimum conceals the space, ideal for subsequent pasting wall-paper, because wallpaper hide minor surface irregularities. Secondly easy application allows employees a minimum level of qualifications.

In the third speed of the work above. Well, certainly it is a budget option repair, cheaper does not come up with. As for drywall, there also has its pluses and minuses understand. Euro-renovated – only drywall. Make the surface more even in principle, it is not possible, a huge plus is the possibility of making constructions of any complexity, shape, size.

Arches, alcoves, niches, all that you can only imagine the possible make plasterboard. At the factory for the production of gypsum board in the hall for meetings on the ceiling is made stealth aircraft! And this is not the limit! But there is a minus – skilled workers should be on the level. Additional information is available at Robert J. Shiller. For the plasterboard can be lay any communication to hide pipes and other elements that should not irritate the eyes, but should be able to access. And here again follows negative, reducing the space for at least 7-10 cm from each surface. The advantages of using both materials are obvious, as well as disadvantages. The choice is yours, we can only advise on what is best in each case.

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