Chuvashia Commercial Real Estate

Also in 2009 in the east of Orenburg plans to open shopping mall Astoria Group, whose area will be a little bit, a lot 85,000 square meters. m. Cheboksary Chuvashia Commercial Real Estate is also not standing still. In 2006, Cheboksary, the authorities approved the construction of downtown's largest Chuvashia multipurpose trade fair, sports and entertainment complex with a total area of over 95,000 square meters. m.

It is interesting that the trade center will be located on territory of the first production site in Cheboksary electrohardware plant (JSC ChEAZ), which serves the customer and investor of the project. Experts estimate that the total investment in commercial Center will be $ 50-80 million new mall promises to compete with already existing on the street Kalinina Mega Maul ", opened in 2005. The total area of Mole – 73 000 sq. km. m. Expert on growth strategy takes a slightly different approach. Beam – 1 600 thousand people.

This population and the Chuvash Republic, and adjacent regions of Novgorod, Ulyanovsk region, the Republic of Tatarstan and Mari-El. Saratov Like many experts, the market torgtsentrov in Saratov is not saturated, and while Saratov consumers prefer to do buying in the market. According to the company lcmc, out of 17 high-quality shopping centers in Saratov, only three have similar characteristics to the capital standards. At this point in the city is dominated by small objects ranging from 5-7 thousand square meters. m Large objects are represented by only one tc "Volga" with a total sales area of 20,400 square meters. m.

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