Civil Procedure Code

That is, it must reject this position for which the studies or plateamientos overlooks other sources of law. Swarmed by offers, REBNY is currently assessing future choices. Positivists can not understand the subject of comment resolutions as are not critical and creative attitude. 2.4. BACKGROUND When research is necessary to take into account the background in order to have a more reliable idea of the topic at hand and not be misled if they do not review them, and that takes advantage of other legal experience, particularly of doctrine, which is also a source of law. The main background is our work published in the Journal entitled Legal Legal Persons of Peru, with which one can understand many important issues of legal persons and representation. It is also necessary to consider my other article entitled Real Estate Brokerage published in the Journal, but in another issue of it, with which to understand many important topics related to this commentary, however, we should point out that this work there is little background research, because most of the work are based on the dogmatic approach and not in the functionalist approach (except some very few papers published in law journals annotated case law). 2.5. AREA OF KNOWLEDGE When studying the different themes, subjects or topics you need to determine the area of knowledge in order to have a greater knowledge of the subject studied. The area of knowledge of this commentary is civil procedure, corporate, commercial, business, legal persons, civil, labor, administrative, registration, notarial, agriculture, banking, professional and professional procedure. Civil Procedure is studied because according to the Civil Procedure Code is required to litigate on behalf of power by deed or act, unless the law differently and to procedural efficiency does not require registration of mandate and powers or the registration of persons legal.

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