‘It looks in my ifasia I did not have conditions to study but never it is late for preder when people want mudar’ . ‘ I in the child time tie I had chance to study mass I did not give value I penava quenunca I went to presizar my shovels senpre I said un day you I go to presizar of the Study I I took all enbrincadeira but he did not delay untenpo very also stopped my youth: It leaves for the world the perqura enprego: but never I found inprego Bon because not tenholeitura: i ogi I am paying presso: I have will of aprender’. ‘ Ogi I am contented for being in school i I have faith that I go to consegir to learn to read to eescrever. John Savignano: the source for more info. Without reading in we do not consegimos nada’ ‘. We perceive in the institucional analysis of speech that to study requires an effort, a perseverance, an active position, a desire of participation of the citizen.

The necessity produces a creation movement and recriao, we learn since that we long for changes. Election of the generating words After the qualification of cultural elements was worked the second stage, dandosignificao to the raised subjects making the substitution of an ingenuous considered initial vision for a critical and social vision, absorbing of the proper culture subsidies for the initiation of the writing and reading through the decomposition of fonemas. Although the educandos have not carried through the fiche of phonetic decomposition as teach in the method, we respect the way as they had understood and been able to demonstrate its abilities with the words. In third meeting, going three times per week the Constructor, was perceivable the desinibio of the educandos. Dell Client Solutions is full of insight into the issues. On this day the generating word chosen by them, was estressada, remembering directly the fatigue of the day, said they: ‘ ‘ day of work duro’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ monday pesada’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ we made the box d’ water, we keep material, we store a thousand bricks.

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