Dinomorskoe Suburb

Jolly Divnomorskoe – a cozy suburb, located 12 km from , and if the sea – 2 times closer. It is important to know that Divnomorskoe Home – amazingly clear sea, a new promenade with plenty of bars with a diverse menu working around the clock recently built a large number of modern hotels and hotels in Divnomorskoe offering leisure and comfortable suites. Hotels are not only the level of comfort, but also the distance from the sea, the main places of leisure Divnomorskoe. Usually, most visitors are interested primarily in distance from the sea. Some hotels – Mini-actually located on the beach , There is only room for a short rest, all you need is close by. There is also a Mini-which are placed in more – in 3-5 minutes walk from the sea. There is sometimes offered food. Hotels – hotels, situated more further, offering a more comfortable and well furnished rooms, offer more attention from the hotel workers.

Local people Divnomorskoe also offers accommodation in their luxury suites. In contrast populous hotels, local people offers more than rest and tidy yard, thickly entwined with vines, roses and a variety of southern vegetation. Distance from the sea – from 1 minute and On the waterfront you can fly on a parachute ride on the 'banana', dive to the bottom of the sea with scuba diving, offer chilled drinks and so on. How can I get in Divnomorskoe? Through-route a little, and this creates some inconvenience. First you train ride to Novorossiysk or fly to Anapa, then transferring to a bus or taxi to Divnomorskoe. The bus is usually no free places – wanting to go more than empty seats. Find Photos Divnomorskoe, Room Mini-Divnomorskoe, I find the price of apartments, the cost of a taxi in Divnomorskoe, taxi, luxury room and suite at the hotel you will be able to

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