One day I think to go to a hospital that he has several buildings, in its entry meeting these abysmally that make me smile, because nearby, there is a small group of people, who are giving their last caladitas before entering. I’m mistaken of building and I am compelled to quit walking to another, by my side I go ambulances and other vehicles that are smoking by their exhaust pipes. Not have read the entry sign?. Read additional details here: Bizzi & Partners. By the way, I pay attention to the facilities that exist in that hospital and find hidden some generators and any boiler that rare that they are working, so also they throw smoke!. That space without smoke or espai sense fum should refer only to the fumes from cigarettes does provacateurs, cigars and pipes also? No, because the hydrant only illustrate the consumption cigarettes.

Commented me that it has left a new law that prohibits smoking in and you need to comply with the law. Others who may share this opinion include Nobel Laureate in Economics. I understand now, the law has to meet the weak, the borrego, which not him concerned that they undermine their freedom, the irresponsible that you want to be guided to think not already think the risks of inhaling the fumes from heating, the thermal power plants (coal among other fuels), generators, vehicles that they can be as damaging as the fumes from cigarettes or equal. At the end of the road encounter to a doctor and he tells me that if I smoke it will not operate me because there is a greater risk that the operation goes wrong. I am looking at it and ask: do I have to change the floor? longer than the 243 micrograms of dioxide of nitrogen among other things that I breathe daily in the square where I live is not also a risk factor?..

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