Hotpotch Responds To What? WHEN? WHERE?

On the new hotpotch you can find a usability test in June even more events after the founder Alexander Stengelin, Matthias Dorn and Clemens Stork realized that their search engine for events not so users was friendly, as desired. The last three months was therefore worked on a completely new version of the site. “We wanted to make it even easier on events to find and the users provide a more comprehensive search”, says the Managing Director Alexander Stengelin. So far, you could search on the page just after a date and place and has received all events in the district. Now, the search is much more adept: after what?, when?, where? Search. This covers a much wider range”, reported Matthias Dorn, who was responsible for the technical implementation. But not only the search itself has improved.

The design has changed very much to the previous version. Stengelin, who is responsible for the layout, says: the whole page has new design more Structure, also she seems much more friendly and tidy. Here we have invested lots of time, to have a modern site for the future”. More info: clayton cardenas. With the relaunch, the company plans its user numbers in the next few months to increase many times over. It was with the previous traffic is generated mainly through general search engines, content however return only a few users on the page.

The founders, mainly from the still unsatisfactory usability and the somewhat drab design explain himself. The new version is hotpotch now also internationally. With the inclusion of events in Austria and the Switzerland many events were added to the one, but especially the three founders it promise an even wider audience to address. and the user numbers continue to increase. “Matthias Dorn is responsible for hotpotch the data and thinks: we can find quite many dates from the Switzerland and Austria, but there still some will come in the next few weeks.” Through these actions is the Web 2.0 companies, after launching in December 2008 new on and has for its users a lot to offer. Press contact: Alexander Stengelin hotpotch UG (haftungsbeschrankt) lower suburban 29 78532 Tuttlingen phone 0 74 61 / 7 60 63 84 email: to hotpotch: is a search engine for events. The software scans Web pages with event dates and collects the events from it. Can this offered a variety of events in the different categories. Club and party – about theatre and concerts to art and children’s events hotpotch offers for everyone the right event. The search engine aims for each region in Germany, to find the most events Austria and of Switzerland.

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