Immovaria GmbH Is Ready

The Immovaria GmbH from Nuremberg renovated successful object in Leipzig Gohlis Nuremberg the economic success of a real estate hangs on the rental potential of the respective property. Just as crucial is the location of the residential property concerned. The equipment is also crucial for the rental of the respective property. Here the Immovaria due to many years of experience in the field of listed real estate is always well prepared and holds a versatile stock in listed real estate in their inventory. Currently, the rental period of an object in the Faradaystrasse in Leipzig have been successfully completed by Immovaria GmbH.

The high quality standard of the respective units, which were equipped with balcony and high-quality materials in the Interior, a quick sale of 8 residential units with an average floor space between 65 and 85 square metres was foreseeable. All renovated residential real estate could be rented out to average figures of 5.50 per square meter on solvent clientele. All Units have been adapted to the modern requirements of today’s time. So not only the facade was revitalized expertly and expensively, in addition security for future inhabitants was installed for you also a video intercom in all units. The object in the Faradaystrasse House in Leipzig is situated in the immediate vicinity of the famous Reclam-and enjoys as the Immvaria GmbH thus conveniently continue. Leisure facilities are in the gym in the Gohlis arcades (approx. 7 minutes walkway), sufficiently specified in the Eutritzer Park with pond and playgrounds for children, and in the Valley of Roses (part of the Green Leipzig). As a representative of the Immovaria GmbH in Nuremberg are shops of for daily use also in walking distance further. At the current time, the fine-tuning between the commissioned architect’s Office and the Office for monument protection and the construction authority are made according to the Immovaria.

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