Podolsk Young Families

Typically, for a young family is the most pressing housing problem. The desire to live separately from their parents, the desire to have children or spouses forced to rent a dwelling that irrationally, because in this If money is being spent in vain. Either the couple decided to buy an apartment in Podolsk, or another town near Moscow in the mortgage. This is a reasonable option, as monthly funds are invested in their private homes. But another problem arises. The current cost of apartments is so high that the banks for approval of applications for mortgages require a level of income that the young, just started his professional activities and career way, simply can not be. Yes, and interest rates, despite the competition between lenders, continue to remain high.

Given that support for young families is necessary, because it is favorable impact on the population and, consequently, socio-economic situation in the country, helping them to acquire housing should be a task of national importance. In recent years, there were indeed federal programs that offer the newlyweds some subsidies and incentives for the purchase of an apartment. Their size is caused by several factors: the necessary space for living per person, cost per square meter housing in the region, the presence / absence of children. For a childless couple a subsidy equal to 35%, with one child – 40%. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Savignan and gain more knowledge.. In addition, the birth of each additional child is added to 5%. It is clear that even these measures do not make a purchase own apartment easy and affordable. Still, they expand opportunities for youth, allowing a lower effort and the restrictions to become owners of private housing. And to find the most appropriate in all parameters, including price, the option is best to contact a specialized real estate agency, whose staff will not only orient in the right direction, but also help avoid all sorts of problems, fraud, will consult on all issues.

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