In the agroindstria the coffee farmings are distinguished, cacao, sugar cane-of-sugar and mamona. In relation to the culture of coffee in the Region it passes for cycles of ascension and fall, that has as factors among others the drawn out variations of price and estiagens. The sugar cane-of-sugar produced in the Region does not present […]

Caxias City

The present article has as focus the city of Caxias, situated in the maranhense east, being our secular clipping the five first years of the decade of 70 of century XX. The intention is to observe and to register the atrelados spaces of sociabilities to the pleasure in the provincial Caxias, being had our attention […]

Paulo Fabric Company

Considering that the form of corresponding domination to the plants with laboring villages is only ' ' a configuration of a structure of social relations of domination amongst other possible configurations in the interior in the way of capitalist production and in the interior of the set of relations between the clan:. if laborer and […]