The Agreement

Your goal – to ensure reliability and professionalism of a real estate agent. If the office workers and the ratio to inspire trust you, check the credibility and rating of real estate company. Figures are high – safely conclude a contract with the agency. Perhaps check out Bruce Schanzer for more information. When signing the […]

Overseas Property Investments

"To invest or not invest in overseas property?" – A question that certainly worried about today, most investors. And worry not without reason – the global financial crisis is not the best impact on the market real estate in many countries: in some reduced prices, others are frozen construction. However, it is not so bad […]

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti. The Dominican Republic is washed from the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. The local population is more than 8 million people, with five million people live in the capital Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo (Holy Saturday). Dominicans are a mixture of African […]

Turkey Real Estate Acquisition

The reasons for buying property in Turkey. Considering the many reasons for buying property in Turkey is to provide five key: First, this is the best offer overseas property in terms of price / quality ratio. Content and service apartments, villas, hotels and land on the Turkish coast is much lower than in the Moscow […]

Early Construction

Under literal interpretation of the rule violation will only be those cases where the object is shared construction will be transmitted later than that envisaged by the agreement. If the object is shared construction will be transferred to participatory construction earlier period specified in the agreement (and such cases occur in practice), it will not […]

Companies Construction

Cost of the facilities have always been incorporated in the price per square meter, but in a situation where one apartment, there are ten buyers, developers could save, usually by allocating a small own sales department, a separate company, to remove unnecessary questions of value added, explaining its services subsidiary agency. With a main objective […]

The Event

In signing the treaty before rent an apartment, the landlord must provide upon request the employer the right to place the document on the flat and the passport owner. If the owner of passing apartment and found that it operated properly, then the sequence of his actions should be as follows: 1. verbal / written […]

Rental Cottages Near Moscow

In recent vacation in the vicinity of Moscow is becoming more and more popular. This is because the cozy suburbs and green areas located at some distance from the bustle of the city, calm and quiet, go to the new level of development. Excellent infrastructure and a large selection of houses and cottages makes it […]

European Owner

On the contrary, ownership of real estate in Sardinia – is quite attractive perspective. Buying a house in Sardinia, you self-buy a property in Italy, but at the same time get an opportunity to get into a totally unique piece of paradise on earth with one of the lowest density population in Italy, with the […]

Rental Crisis

The newspaper “Today” drew my attention to the fact that the fall hryvnia has affected the welfare of the population. Once banks have cut lending and make more stringent conditions autosales declined sharply, as 60% of cars bought on credit. Therefore, – writes today – many of the city inundated with commercials about the huge […]