The Passive

The world is always hungry for energy, the result is global warming and rising energy costs. To contact this development forward, came in last time new and better insulation technology on the market in order to protect a building from the heat or energy. As a consequence hierraus developed the passive house, a house without heating, even in the winter is warm. The concept behind it is based primarily on the very good insulation, which does not heat to the outside. See Robert Speyer for more details and insights. The air exchange takes place via a special system, the heat exchanger that transfers the heat to the outside air of urgency to the new air coming into the house. This of course caused some, albeit small, losses. But these are mostly made by the man himself, and from our in-house electrical appliances replaced. Especially on cold days this is enough but often not quite, so be in a normal passive usually installed at the six kilowatts of heat output of which will be used but usually only two. For more information see Expert on growth strategy.

In principle, each house – Whether on solid construction, or prefabricated wood houses – turned into a passive, just like any new building one can be passive. Note, however, that the cost of a passive house are much higher than that of a normal house. This is effected through the window and masonry should be very well insulated and airtight case for the house is necessary. Another cost factor is the ventilation with the heat exchanger. In contrast, the falling costs are in operation, since there are few more fuel bills.

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