Efficient Technologies Create Large Spans

In recent years, we are increasingly witnessing a return to traditional values. Did not ignore this trend and construction – wood has gained ground, firmly engaged with reinforced concrete from the middle of xx century. To date, the architecture practically not used treated wood – in its place came glued wood treated with high-tech methods using modern machines. There are several types of plywood: Span construction (designed to create beams and pillars); cross-Sklene wood panels (used for walls and ceilings) Glued laminated timber (used for building houses, bath houses and cottages). Us routinely assume that the steel and concrete – the most durable, modern, practical building materials, but it turns out, glued wooden structures and panels or just do not concede to them, and in many respects even superior. When the fire melted steel beams and laminated wood can withstand the onslaught of the fire, keeping the design and burn only on the outside for the same period, saving, thus more load-carrying capacity during the fire and providing greater opportunities for evakuatsiiiz building. There is an interesting feature of the wood – no chemical reactions – that is why every year more and more frequently used in the construction of storage facilities of chemical, fertilizers and other corrosive substances.

In the pool, too, often use such constructions – vedoni are much more practical in a humid environment than the construction of reinforced concrete. Add here Environmentally friendly – with each cubic meter of wood will reduce emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere for a total of 2 tons! So Turns out to be natural wood, treated with modern high-tech ways, superior to concrete properties? And it's true! But that's not all span glued beams allow to build really beautiful monuments. Such projects not only possess outstanding appearance, but also monumentality. In Europe, more than 50 years building sports facilities, exhibition halls, circuses, storage facilities, halls, libraries, the use of such structures, but in recent years, Europe has become catch up with Russia and the former Soviet space – Ukraine, . And due to it not only the ability to use larger sizes and a variety of forms, but also the price. What is the price of these structures? The attractiveness of the prices of large-span construction begins at construction spans more than 9 meters – under these conditions the price of wood laminated beams is 30-40% less than steel. Thus, the laminated structure, you can: Create original architectural designs, saving money in the construction of buildings and their maintenance. Use a variety of shapes and sizes; make the building more environmentally friendly and friendly; Today, this product has not yet very typical for the Russian market. To orient the price you can apply directly to producers or to order a preliminary calculation of an independent planning organization. In any case, you should pay attention to this type of wooden building structures – of course, any professional architect and designer should have this effective tool in your arsenal.

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