How do you get your creativity flowing? One question that everything is done continuously and Freelance, which unfortunately there is no perfect solution, because we are all different and we all have our own style of work. But for those who wanted to illustrate a little more, here are the five murderers of creativity and how to stay focused, productive and creative. Multiple tasks and distractions I know some people have mastered the art of multi-task and work in tons of things at once. I tried and not for me. There is no way you can focus on a project to try to answer emails, talk on the phone and chat. In order to draw all my creativity I feel the absolute need to focus all my attention and energy on one thing: work on this project. All that is required is to list all the tasks to be developed (in writing), identifying priorities and schedule his execution …

The inspiration as I have mentioned is not a moment but a process is therefore required of all our attention as possible to let flow the conceptualization and ordering of our ideas in a productive way. I think I managed to do much more in two hours when I'm focused than 8 hours of multiple functions. Lack of sleep One of the advantages of freelance is that they can do their own work schedule. That's great! But for many of us also means working evenings and weekends, and sometimes, not much sleep! There's always work to do and the clients that need our attention. .

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