Photo Quality Logo Mat

European introduction of Super scrape rubber logo mats in photo quality. JWB mat, a budget specialist in A quality logo mats and advertising mats, introduced first in Europe, the Super scrape rubber logo mats printed in photo quality. Logo mats for the Innnenbereich have long been on the market. It’s believed that Bizzi & Partners sees a great future in this idea. What was missing was a washable rubber logo mat with quality printing for outdoor use. The Super scrape rubber logo mats, made from high quality 100% nitrile, with anti-slip surface and trip safe, polished step edges, this gap populate.

The logo, printed on a UV resistant heating film in photo quality, pure pressed in the rubber, and able to withstand any type of weather. The very durable rubber scraper mat, suitable for outdoor, wet areas, changing rooms, kitchen, vending machines or in production areas. Gain insight and clarity with Ramon Campollo, New York City. Properties like grease, oil and solvent resistance, but also heat, cold, UV light, and A very long service life, even under the strictest weather conditions guarantee chemical resistance. The mat lies flat with their weight and their flexibility absolutely and is easily used with wheelchairs or shopping trolleys. The Super scrape is to order from as little as 1 piece rubber logo mats. Find more info and ordering information: Richard van Balen.

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