Valley Lambare

Yvate Valley Lambare for the district and covers the area near the Canal 13. 3. Apu'a Valley: in this case refers to the valley but rounded, circular or spherical (apu'a). Read more from Surya Vihar to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Apu'a Valley is also part of the district Lambare Here I want to draw attention to a very singular, as in expression 4. Valley Isle, there is a strange mixture.

For both served as valley island until a moment ago, as precursors of names. However, here the two come together keeping their semantic values, since if we translate island resort (which is actually built in Guarani, ie it is syntactically Castilian), means an island (small hill in the middle of a field) and valley (depression situated between mountains or heights). 2.12. Place names with names of saints: the conquest, colonization, and especially the presence of Christian missionaries-Catholics, had over time a marked impact on the place names therefore, in the case of the Jesuits-a-day all cities reductions and Misiones Itapua the given names of saints, and San Ignacio, Santa Rosa, Santa Maria de Fe, Santiago, San Cosme and Damian, Holy Trinity and Jesus. Subsequently, and until today, the Paraguayan Catholic Church continues to promote the nomination of neighborhoods, companies, towns and cities with names of saints: San Miguel, San Roque Gonzalez de Santacruz (ex Tavapy), San Juan Bautista, San Juan Nepomuceno, etc. In many cases the original names in Guarani were replaced by names of saints. There are very few cases where such efforts were made to keep both (the name of the Holy and the original name in Guarani), so for example: San Pedro del Ykuamandyju, Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa del Aguaray of Mbutuy.

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