VGB Waste

After the plaintiff of the defendant had shown the claim asking for regulation, this provided a payment of 275 euros to compensate for the storm damage. The applicant had unsuccessfully urging the defendant to pay also the remaining amount of 1130,78 euros of the cost estimate of the 26.01.2004 legal letter of the 23.02.2004. The AG Neumunster upheld the complaint. After this an a sewer vent pipe is a discharge pipe of water supply i. S. d. 6 ABS. 1 VGB 88 and the condensation leaking from the vent pipe is tap water in the meaning of that provision.

Source: AG nine ruling of December 14, 2007, AZ. 36 C 1565/04 2. liability of the Grundstucksnachbarn for rear storage damage in the neighboring House due to opening of the manhole cover of the waste water system with a separation system; Dispensability of a rear storage valve with a separation system in the drainage system of the sewage system of the town of Colmberg is executed in the so-called separation system, i.e. waste water and rain water are discharged through separate cables. The defendant (the plaintiff’s neighbor) opened at least an inspection Chamber of the wastewater channel during the flood event occurred that day due to the heavy rainfall, to prevent a flood of his estate. As a result, that reached the surface water in this channel.

This resulted in a backlog in the waste water channel, which in turn meant that flooded the basement of the plaintiff. In the property of the plaintiff, no return valve is fitted at the end of the dirt water channel. The drainage Statute of the market of Colmberg stipulates in 9 par. 5 that each port workers against the backwater of the water from the waste water network itself didn’t protect. The plaintiffs have asserted different damage. The defendant has requested dismissal on the grounds that due to the lack of a backup of storage in the premises of the plaintiff a liability not meet him.

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