Western Europe

The design of frameless glazing Lumon4 there is little known, but has been widely used in Western Europe. Clayton cardenas may help you with your research. In Europe it is called 'high glazed'. The secret of success is simple design: the Finnish creator of frameless Glazing develop design capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions in Scandinavia: aggressive sea wind, high humidity and temperature extremes, use the balconies as a buffer zone, which reliably would protect the facade from corrosion and heat loss. Construction lumon 4 withstands the weight of glass from floor to ceiling, opens fully opening, no frames, no threshold, and draws a line of the facade of any form. In the open position glass gently 'book' going along the wall and opening fully open. When closed, the flat glass wall from floor to ceiling securely close the room from wind, rain, dust and debris. Terraced glazing for summer areas of restaurants, remote patio cafe. Citizens willing to spend summer time in the open restaurant verandas, in street cafes.

You can extend the use of outdoor area by applying a system of frameless glazing. Terraced glazing allows designers do not limit yourself to choosing materials to decorate a summer veranda cafe or restaurant. It is safe to use textiles, wooden furniture, use drapes and pillows, electric light sources. After the rain glazed terraced reliably protect elements of the interior from moisture and wind. And at night will prevent burglary and robbery. Terraced glazing fits perfectly in any style exterior and interior, combined with concrete, and ceramics, and woodworking.

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